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Ratings Alive Casino

Virtual Reality, the Future of Gambling is Alive

The Alive Casino is named as such because, as both a company and an organization, everything is about “keeping things alive.” First and foremost, the casino is, of course, a business, but it is also a living, breathing community. The Alive team endeavors to, as its mission, create a living, thriving, and secure gaming alternative for gambling enthusiasts. The casino’s chief objective is to operate in such a way that allows online casinos to occupy a greater share of the gambling market. This goal will be achieved through two key strategies: first, by following only transparent practices, largely through Blockchain technology, and second, by enabling a real human experience for online players through effective social media and a VR gambling experience.

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Benchy 3.7
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AL Token
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0.0900 USD
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China, USA
preICO start
1st Aug 2018
preICO end
7th Aug 2018
ICO start
7th Aug 2018
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27th Mar 2019
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Kyon Yoshihara
Direct Marketing Manager,ICO produce
Rated on Aug 17, 2018

I think that it is a very interesting project.

However, I think that there are too many companies offering services that combine entertainment and block chains such as "VR, casino, game".

And I thought they could not understand the nature of gambler.

pablo gerboles parrillaICO team member replied on 18 Aug 2018
Hello Mr Yoshihara. Thank you for taking your time to review our project. First of all, I would like to clarify some things about the project and why they make it unique. Most of the online casino ICOs have failed because they can not bring value to their token as it didnt offer any different services than the rest of competitors.

The Alive Casino is aiming to provide all type of traditional gambling options, from sports-betting to live dealers games etc. The difference is that we are focusing on building a top-of-the-line VR gambling ecosystem, first by providing access to the First Virtual Reality Casino in the world, which will give access to slot games, skills games and live dealers games with virtual reality technology (No other project is doing this).
At the same time we are going to develop VR gambling games upon community's demand, if our investor community and casino users demand for new VR Skill games where the winner is determined by their own skill and ability rather than the roll of a dice then we will develop those type of games for them. All of these games will be only accessible with the Alive Token and built exclusively for our platform. As you may know, currently you go to 10 different casinos and they all have the same games/software, offering exactly the same service as their competitors.
At the moment online casino's provide mostly the same services and they do not adapt them to what the community wants and that is the only way to make a business successful, if you offer a product that people want. Combining blockchain, virtual reality and building products according to the communities request and for only one platform is what makes this project a promising one.

Again, these are some of the reasons why we are unique in the market. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Online gambling... yeah a lot of projects offering this kind of things, but we are offering all of them in one single platform, The Alive Casino.
Webster Tai
Head of Innovation at Geeba
Rated on Aug 10, 2018

At first impression, I was excited when I saw VR—on how it could potentially enable customers to escape into another reality. For example, for someone who has never been to Las Vegas or Macau, that could be a USP to the value proposition. Thus the vision could be pushed further by being more purposeful.

Team wise, I have reservations for the lack of gaming experience. Having an advisor who is or was a casino operator could provide valuable insight.

It will be a thrilling and challenging venture. Buena suerte!

pablo gerboles parrillaICO team member replied on 14 Aug 2018
Hello Webster, this is the CEO of the Alive Casino, actually taking my time to give my opinion about your review.

The vision goes way further than just a VR casino, as stated in the whitepaper we are planning to give access to the Alive Casino in the decentraland virtual world, giving users a chance to visit a VR casino in the Vegas district. Also, we are going to bring ideas to reality, the community will demand which types of VR games they want and we will develop them accordingly. Our own live dealer studio will be accessible with VR technology as well, giving players the chance to play live dealer tables with real dealers in real time at any location.

About the team, I am not sure if you noted that we have a partnership with BetConstruct, an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based gaming solutions with development, sales and service centers in 16 countries. This company has over 600 employees , some of them directly involved in the Alive Casino. I think having one of the biggest online casino providers in the world managing the Alive Casino platform can be considered as a well experienced team. This is a mutually beneficial partnership , with their experience they operate the casino in a professional manner and with our knowledge we will integrate the blockchain to take advantage of this movement. Apart from this information, there is much more, like product placement in films produced by well known producers etc, but we can not disclose this information yet as nothing is more than verbally agreed.

I hope you now get a better picture of the project Webster. I really appreciate taking your time to make the review but accept my reply in a good way as I believed the reviewed missed some of the most important aspects of the project.

Pablo Gerboles.
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