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Airsave Travel

Earn Money Toward Your Travel Goals

Most people dream of being able to experience the world from a different viewpoint, but while it is one thing to dream, it is quite another thing to put together the finances to make it possible. Now, by the means of Bitcoin and our partnership with Smart Trip Platform (a decentralised ecosystem which connects travellers and travel service providers), you can combine the power of blockchain technology with your social network, and use AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC) to save and earn money toward your travel goals. Airsave Travel is currently a centralised app available on the App Store with its decentralised application (DApp), being built in 2019. It is the one click technology which requires no sign in, login or install. Airsave Travel utilizes blockchain technology to seamlessly attract, authenticate and reward all users within its ecosystem who want to save and earn money for their travels - together.

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IEO launchpad
Price in ICO
0.3000 USD
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preICO start
15th Oct 2018
preICO end
23rd Dec 2018
ICO start
1st May 2019
ICO end
31st Jul 2019
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About Airsave Travel

Airsave Travel is a game-changing part of the ongoing blockchain revolution because it takes on the process of saving money and converts it from a slow, laborious, isolated and individual process into a social process that generates steady returns and is entirely transparent. Aside from being transparent, there is the feature of decentralization, which is a major highlight of blockchain technology. The blockchain holds many benefits as a peer-to-peer network and a shared open-source ledger, that features transparency and low transaction costs. Based on this, blockchain technology is highly suitable for Airsave Travel’s platform.

Users get to benefit significantly from our platform. The platform allows users to earn money and increase their fixxed investment – based on the number of referrals they make, which they can redeemin decentralised Travel tokens (TASH) and Bitcoin. Airsave Travel offers a useful User Interface that helps users track their savings and earnings on the go.

Airsave Travel’s centralised version already received over 4,000 downloads from users primarily based in China – which is enough evidence for proof of concept, as well as identifying the location of future Airsave Travel DApp users. The Chinese are avid lovers of Bitcoin.

Users without referrals are exempted from paying in any currency/ASTC until a certain number of referrals has been reached - so that they do not have to pay in any money until their earnings exceed their savings (of the fixed investment of £20/ASTC equivalent - per month).

Airsave Travel leverages a strategic and exclusive partnership with Smart Trip Platform to ensure users receive a portion of their savings and earnings in TASH Tokens – which users can spend on decentralised Travel.

Post-IEO, the limited number of Airsave Travel Coin tokens in existence will continually appreciate as the site’s user volumes increase. This appreciation in value will likely be beneficial to investors and token holders.

As a win-win value exchange platform, investors are open to some significant benefits. Aside from the fact that investors can become a saver, saving and earning for Travel, they can sell their tokens to Travellers on the platform. Investors can also trade ASTC tokens on Exchange Markets, which is managed by a regulated market-maker. This means that Airsave Travel's token ASTC offers a great investment opportunity for every investor.

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