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Decentralized Personal Data Protocol

So how do I get to see the products I searched on ads? Your personal information such as search history, location, app installs are being compromised at this moment. Some apps even illegally monetize personal data to advertising agencies. But sadly, to the data owner, nothing is rewarded in return. Submit your interest data on AIRBLOC via AIRBLOC Main Client Service. When this data is sold to advertisers and used at AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, rewards will be given to users. With more data provided, and with better data quality, there will be greater rewards returned to users. Ads are displayed according to user’s interest data, and AIRBLOC can offer various ad configuration settings. Advertisers can reach out to those who might actually be interested in its products and/or services. At the same time, users will view preferred ads as a useful type of information.

12 11 expert ratings
Benchy 4.0
Review: coming soon PRO
value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in preICO
1 ETH = 11,500 ABL
Price in ICO
0.0410 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, North Korea, China
preICO start
21st May 2018
preICO end
29th May 2018
ICO start
19th Jun 2018
ICO end
29th Jun 2018
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About Airbloc

Airbloc is a blockchain-based, decentralized and transparent ad data trading network and a DAPP.

Here’s how it works. When a user submits data directly to Airbloc Main Client Service, the advertiser pays fee to the user group who are likely to purchase their product and buy interests data from Airbloc Main Marketplace. Also, to the individual users who are exposed to ad campaigns, rewards will be given.

How simple is it? Users as an original provider to ‘interests data’ can regain their data rights, and advertisers can now make improved targeted ads with accuracy based on both direct and indirect data types. This interests data is not legally violated if you have already paid for its value and transferred data ownership. Therefore, advertisers have the legal freedom to use this data. The increased flexibility of data utilization allows advertisers to do all sorts of testing to maximize effectiveness for targeted ads.

To collect data with reliability, Airbloc continuously validates the credibility of each user, the data providers. Personal information, survey responses, and behavioral data are used for credit score computation and bigger reward will be given to users with high credit ratings. Directly collected personal interests data that are below certain credit limit cannot be sold on Main Marketplace.

In Airbloc, ads can become a useful piece of information, not a noise. This is because users can configure types of ads to be viewed and not to be viewed on Airbloc’s Main Client Service. Based on users’ preference configured, Airbloc ecosystem will allow a transparent trading of both data and ad exposures.

Airbloc will issue 'ABL tokens' as means to buy and sell data and ad exposures. This token can be used as a compensation to reward individual users, the data suppliers, and can also be a means of payment to the data consumers. The initial token is based on the ERC20 standard which initially runs on Ethernet main network, and these purchased tokens can later be exchanged for tokens on Airbloc’s own network.

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2 members invited
Sungpil Nam
Wonkyung Lyu
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