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Decentralized Platform for Investors and Founders

AIO.Community is a decentralized community, and our main task is to follow this rule, including the issues of economy and community management. As a measure confirming our open intentions and desires to create a decentralized storage of funds for all participants of the closed round there are special conditions for the purchase of tokens. We advocate a “distributed system” of storage, available resources and funds that will be collected through ICO. Therefore, we propose to return the listed ETH back to the community member’s wallet. The smart contract for this round provides for a reserve in proportion to the amount of ETH transferred by you, according to the AIOT course set for the ICO time for the address of the purse from which the transfer was made and the automatic return of the amount ETH at the end of the ICO.

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ICO start
1st Nov 2018
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22nd Dec 2018
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About AIO.Community

Today, the market of the crypto currency is in the development stage and therefore many questions for its normal development are not sufficiently studied and considered.

The team of the AIO.Community project considers it right to put these issues for discussion and propose its own way of solving them. This will give the market a new positive impulse and create conditions for the transition to a new level of development. It will make it more transparent for participants. With the possibility of obtaining financial protection for the project participant and ensuring a unified approaches to holding crowdfunding.

AIO.Community is an intelligent platform for ICO projects, with the possibility of obtaining financial protection for the project participant and ensuring a unified approach to holding crowdfunding.

When creating the project, we identified the issues that will be solved after implementing the platform in a global sense.

About the ICO.

We all know that the list of coins on the market is constantly growing, but for a potential investor the issue of buying a specific coin that will bring him a profit, requires studying the main questions about the project, namely: the goal of creating a project (the product being created) and the team that is working on it. This gives an understanding for the investor as far as his participation in the ICO for him can be profitable and safe.

Creation of the team takes quite a long time. Ensuring the creation of an effective team before the sale of coins is very difficult, so the leaders of the new project either form an inefficient team that consists of enthusiasts who are ready to work without payment, or the team is published only for information and does not match to reality.

What are the outstanding problems of this issue?

  • Effectiveness of this team for the investor is not clear;
  • Main functions of individual team members are not described and not regulated;
  • Final product is not discussed by the community;
  • Financial reporting for expenditure is rare, and non-targeted use is not stopped;
  • The rules of the team, evaluation of effectiveness, compliance with deadlines, the system for assessing the performance of individual structures in the team is often created from scratch or not at all.

All this, we call structural problems, which often lead to unprofitability of the project, and the creation of the final product is delayed or does not happen at all.

AIO - completely solves these and other issues, we offer:

Creation of a platform where a team of specialists consists of:

  • Financial experts who assess the costs of the project keep records and report to the community on the targeted and rational expenditure of funds. Prepare all the upcoming spending items in advance so that unnecessary funds are not uselessly accumulated in project accounts, while at the same time; it was understandable for the community to create the final product.

These specialists have sufficient skills to optimize and reduce the costs of the project.

This avoids attracting investors from unclaimed investments and reduces the amount of coin emission to the required limits.

  • Legal specialists whose work is aimed at creating the correct legal form of the project, selection of appropriate jurisdiction for the registration of a future company, registration of intellectual and copyright. The consolidation of legal relations between investors and the ICO project with the subsequent transition to the status of shareholders, full support and protection of the interests of the project and investors.
  • Marketers who study the economic model of the project development, advice on the choice of the optimal way of development, introduce clear and showed the highest conversion tools for the monetization of a future product created with the investors' funds.
  • Technical personnel who accompany or fully assume the issues of safety, project development, design, infrastructure, and so on.
  • Administrative staff, who fully accompanies the project from the initial idea stage, organizes the ICO, manages the creation of the project, represents the interests of the project, and accompanies the access to the relevant exchanges for subsequent trades.
  • A security group that fully checks the ICO project, its creators, verifies them for participation in other projects, monitors information on various sources and databases in order to identify signs of unreliability for investors.

About funds and budget AIO.Community

Considering a number of interesting projects, we see that many of them could be implemented, but the teams that conduct them often have a goal only to hold an ICO and raise investors' funds. After that the project is conducted in a low-flow mode, and the investor receives information only from public sources.

We believe that this situation can be corrected and the ICO market for startups is more transparent.

We propose the following model of financial relations between the investor and the ICO project, where the AIO.Community platform will act as a guarantor of these relations using the following tools:

  • Creation of an insurance fund, in which at each ICO will be sent 5% of the collected funds for the safety of which the platform is responsible.

    If the project fails and the investors' funds are threatened, the insurance fund will reimburse them in full.
  • Creation of a stabilization fund, which also contributes 5% of the ICO. In order to create a reserve to maintain a stable course of released tokens of projects, work on which was carried out on the platform.

    Maintaining a stable exchange rate of coins is the basis for maintaining demand for the purchase of coins, this fund will buy coins from projects on the market with a drop in demand and vice versa, to sell to reduce supply so as not to allow unjustified speculative growth in the value of coins.
  • The rest of the funds will go to the ICO project fund.

    The supervision will be carried out by the community and monitored by the platform in the following order:
  1. The budget of any project will be calculated by the platform and for each phase of the project implementation, funds will be allocated sufficient for this stage in accordance with the project roadmap.
  2. Based on the results of each stage, the platform generates an audit report and submits it to the community for consideration
  3. Based on the results of the audit report, the community answers the question: has the team fulfilled its tasks assigned to it, have the investors' funds been rationally spent.
  4. If the community response is positive, then the team automatically receives funds to implement the next stage.

If the community response is negative, the team is completely removed from the project and work on it is transferred to platform specialists whose task will be to organize the work to complete the project, transfer it to another team of specialists or finish the work independently.

Conclusion: Investors' funds will be under constant control of the community and the platform, any of the implemented projects will always be brought to the end product and in the event of an insured event, the investor will receive a payment from the insurance fund.

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