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ICObench Knowledge Base

All you want to know about ICObench, ICO listing, ratings, and experts

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General questions

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for "initial coin offering". It is a new form of efficient and easy raising of financial resources. Any individual or a company can crowdfund any project or become an investor. Every ICO has two mandatory attributes – issuance of a fixed amount of the new cryptocurrency unit (token or coin) dedicated to the ICO and blockchain based transactions.

What is a token?

A token or a coin is a cryptocurrency unit issued during an ICO. Buying certain amount of tokens allows the investors to crowdfund the project and ICO holders to raise funds. Every ICO issues a fixed amount of tokens/coins meant to be used as a potential source of profit once it goes on exchanges and/or as the currency used inside the project (purchases, service payments, etc).

What are exchanges?

An exchange is a platform on which one cryptocurrency or token can be sold or bought for another cryptocurrency or token at current price. Some of exchanges allow buying or selling cryptocurrencies using fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB, etc).

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a summary report that provides detailed information about the project, its originality and the benefits it can give to the investors and the users of the final product, technological features, team behind the project, project's background and future plans.

What is ROI?

ROI stands for "return on investment". It is a ratio used to measure the investment profitability or compare the efficiencies of several different projects. ICObench provides an online ICO ROI calculator. You can use it to calculate estimated returns on your past ICO investments (if the tokens are already trading on exchanges).

What is blogs (The Bench)?

ICObench blogs (The Bench) are a place where selected bloggers express their opinions. The views and opinions expressed in blogs are those of the authors and are not the official policy or position of ICObench. Any content provided by our bloggers or experts is of their opinion and they are fully responsible for it. ICObench is not legally responsible for the blog's content.


What is ICObench?

ICObench is a free ICO rating platform and a blockchain community supported by a wide range of experts that provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to the investors.

What is a rating?

A rating is a result of analytical assessment executed by our bot Benchy and the experts. It is not an investment advice and is meant to be used for your informational purposes only. Rating is based on 5 points scale, ranging from 1 to 5 - where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest rating. The ICObench's rating system is different to that of other ICO rating platforms, as it is:

  • calculated using the combination of objective ICO profile analysis and subjective experts' ratings;
  • dynamic and updated at least once a day.

Read more about ICObench's rating methodology.

Who is Benchy?

Benchy is an intelligent ICO bot created by ICObench. You can talk to Benchy via different channels (Telegram or Slack) to learn more about ICOs, people behind ICOs, legal reviews, and your ROI stats.

What is the ICO Analyzer?

The ICO Analyzer is a free tool of objective report into an ICO profile. It was developed to allow ICO teams to learn more about the potential improvements to bring into their ICO profile on ICObench. The ICO profile rating given by Benchy is based on the report provided by the ICO Analyzer.

The ICO Analyzer provides a report based on availability of data important for investors but not on the quality of the provided data.

There are 4 sections in each ICO analysis:

  • Team: Evaluation of team depends on the number of team members and the availability and transparency of team member profiles. 100% score can be achieved by having more than 4 members on team, with full names, real photos and LinkedIn profiles of all members provided, and having a certain amount of team members with ICO Success Score.
  • ICO information: Evaluation of the ICO information depends on a few things. Some data is mandatory for a good rate and the other isn't but it is still welcomed. 100% score can be achieved by providing the ICO start and end dates, token ticker, platform, list of accepted currencies, and token price on Pre-ICO and/or ICO.
  • Product presentation: Evaluation of the product presentation depends on the availability and informativity of the whitepaper, milestones and the video. 100% score can be achieved by providing a well laid out white paper with all information about project, ICO, team and future plans, a detailed road map and a video presentation. Road maps or milestones which list only Pre-ICO and ICO dates and do not tell anything about the project development are not accepted.
  • Marketing & Social Media: Evaluating the communicative part of the ICO is what makes the ICO profile rating dynamic. We aren't checking only the presence of the social media links, but also the level of activity on them. 100% score can be achieved by providing the links to all the listed social media networks and by being active on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Bitcointalk.

How can I update my ICO profile?

Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register a member profile with your real name and using the email address on the same domain as the ICO website.
    For example, if your ICO domain name is "" you should register with "[email protected]" in order to claim your profile.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Then go to the ICO profile you want to claim on ICObench.
  4. The option to claim your ICO profile will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  5. Once you have successfully claimed the ICO profile, go to "My ICOs".
  6. You will find the list of your claimed ICOs there.
  7. To edit the ICO profile click on the button "Edit".

If you have problems with claiming your ICO profile, you can reach out to us via the contact form.

How can we publish our agency on your list of agencies?

You can reach us through the contact form and tell us more about your agency. We will come back to you after we add your agency to the list.

Does ICObench offer an API for developers?

API is available at the API page. The API key can be requested by any registered user.

What does the button "Apply as an advisor" on ICO profile means?

Applying as an advisor for a certain ICO means that we will get in touch with this ICO and try to connect you and them if they are willing to cooperate. That's why it is important to properly introduce yourself and/or attach your ICObench user profile.

What are ICObench community rules?

It is immensely important for us to maintain a healthy an welcoming environment within our community. Every ICObench user (including advisors, experts and bloggers) has to comply with the following rules:

  • We do not allow comments that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths of individuals or groups. This includes the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others.
  • We do not allow calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics.
  • We do not allow glorification of groups which do any of the above.

Be sure to report any cases of violation of those rules to [email protected] so that we could take appropriate measures.

ICO listing

How can I publish a new ICO?

It's as easy as ABC:

  1. Create a free personal account using your corporate email.
  2. Sign in and follow the link and start your application.
  3. No fee is applied unless you don't have time to wait. In this case you can apply for priority listing.
  4. Fill in with accurate data and submit the form.
  5. Our editors will contact you when your project is published with possible updates and suggestions on improvement of your ICO profile.

What is the reason for rejecting ICO listing application?

To be listed on ICObench the project must meet the basic requirements:

  1. Team must consist of at least 3 members with real names.
  2. White paper must be not less than 12 pages.
  3. Your application must have active social links.
  4. Website must be active and do not cause suspicion.

How long does it take for an ICO to get published?

Usually it takes from 3 to 4 days for your ICO to get published. Sometimes the waiting line is longer and the other times it is shorter. If you want your ICO to be considered for publication before the others, you can choose a Priority application option.

How to become "Hot and trending"? Is it a paid feature?

The "Hot and trending" ICOs are selected automatically by the system every 6 hours based on our algorithm. We cannot change it manually or impact it in any way. It was developed in a way to give all ICOs equal chance for the top visual exposure.

This is not a paid feature.

Where to report changes for ICO profiles?

Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register a member profile with your real name and using the email address on the same domain as the ICO website.
    For example, if your ICO domain name is "" you should register with "[email protected]" in order to claim your profile.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Then go to the ICO profile you want to claim on ICObench.
  4. The option to claim your ICO profile will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  5. Once you have successfully claimed the ICO profile, go to "My ICOs".
  6. You will find the list of your claimed ICOs there.
  7. To edit the ICO profile click on the button "Edit".

If you have problems with claiming your ICO profile, you can reach out to us via the contact form.

How can I remove my ICO from ICObench?

Since ICObench is a rating platform with information on past, present and future ICOs we don't remove ICOs after they have been published. Removing an ICO is possible only in case of rare exceptions:

  • It was proven that ICO is a scam (team members that aren't real, users reporting that they had bought tokens and did not receive them, stolen and/or forged images and/or content).
  • The ICO team has decided that the ICO won't be held before the start of the ICO.

Having a bad rating is not a reason to remove an ICO. If you want the data about the ICO to be removed, we can do that, but we will keep the profile open so that the experts can have an opportunity to rate it.

Why wouldn't you remove an ICO profile if the ICO team members have asked for it?

We won’t remove the ICO profile because showing the ratings that were given is in the public interest.
Since all ICO team members have an option to reply to each expert and they are raising funds from the public, we don’t see any objective reasons why they would want to hide the ratings that were given to them as this is what removing an ICO profile would mean.
However, we would respect the ICO team’s wish to remove their intellectual property and information about team members from the public profile. Since this might as well result in a lower ICO profile rating, we would set a special notification stating that ICO team members requested removal of the profile data. This would allow users to understand better why the ICO profile rating is lower than expected.

How to report a scam ICO?

We encourage you to report any type of threats - hacking, fraud, scams, attacks, etc. - of the ICOs published on the ICObench. Each ICO profile has a "Report" button that will take you to the contact form. Please provide as much of available information as possible - you can also provide us links to the discussions on forums or channels, such as Bitcointalk or Reddit.

We will take the next actions:

  • If there are only suspicions and the accusations are not clear, we will post a notification with a link to a Reddit or Bitcoinalk thread where the discussion is going on. This will allow the visitors and the potential investors to read it and make up their own mind.
  • If there is an evidence of a team member (or members) being made-up or that the content in the whitepaper, on the website or in the social media was forged or stolen, we will take the action immediately and disable the ICO profile.

Please note that the ICO profile rating and the ICO Analyzer report do not indicate whether an ICO is a scam or not. The automated evaluation doesn't have the mechanisms which could detect frauds or false information.

How can we claim and edit our ICO profile?

Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register a member profile with your real name and using the email address on the same domain as the ICO website.
    For example, if your ICO domain name is "" you should register with "[email protected]" in order to claim your profile.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Then go to the ICO profile you want to claim on ICObench.
  4. The option to claim your ICO profile will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  5. Once you have successfully claimed the ICO profile, go to "My ICOs".
  6. You will find the list of your claimed ICOs there.
  7. To edit the ICO profile click on the button "Edit".

If you have problems with claiming your ICO profile, you can reach out to us via the contact form.


How is the ICObench rating determined?

We follow a special rating methodology. Rating is based on a combination of:

  • ICO profile rating based on our own algorithm that uses more than 20 different criteria. Each ICO can earn up to 40 points;
  • Ratings of the team, the vision, and the product provided by the independent experts following our rating methodology suggestions.

What is the rating distribution?

In the rating distribution you can check all the ratings the ICO has received. This information is available in every ICO profile.

What is the weight of the rating?

Weight is the amount of influence that an expert or our bot Benchy has on the overall rating of an ICO. The weights get distributed according to the number of experts and what weight each of them has.

Where can I see who rated an ICO?

You can see the list of all experts which rated the ICO, including all the ratings they have given, their weight and their reviews (if there is any) in the ICO profile. You can find it in the "Ratings" section of the site or by clicking "View rating distribution" in the right part of the ICO profile.

You can examine the profile of each expert in the ratings distribution by clicking on their name. If you click on Benchy's name it will lead you to the ICO Analyzer report.

What if no expert has rated the ICO yet?

If no expert has rated the ICO yet, only Benchy's rating of the ICO profile is taken into account. Please keep in mind that experts rate the ICOs voluntarily and independently. They choose which ICO they want to rate on their own so it might take some time to get to you. A good rating might help bring the experts' attention so try to focus on improving your ICO profile while you are waiting for the experts to come and rate your ICO.

How can an ICO improve its rating?

Although you cannot influence the experts' rating in any way, you can improve your ICO profile rating by improving your ICO Analyzer score:

  • Open your ICO Analyzer report
  • Prepare the information that is missing
  • Send us the relevant data via the contact form and our editors will update your profile with the new data or come back to you for some clarifications.

If you didn't get a good score for the social media and marketing part and all social media links are available on your ICO profile on ICObench, we suggest that you are more active and keep in touch with your potential investors on your social media accounts.

Can an ICO pay for a better rating?

No, you cannot pay to obtain a better rating.

What defines the informativeness of the ICO whitepaper?

Our editors evaluate how informative your whitepaper was when they were going through it looking for data for your ICO profile.

What defines the rating of the team's LinkedIn profiles?

This rating shows the percent of the members of your team which have LinkendIn profile links provided. If your score is less than 100% you can improve it by sending us the remaining links.

We have a Facebook page but there is no tick for it in the ICO Analyzer, why is that?

Not only the presence of social media links is considered, but also the activity on them.

We have team members with Ivy League / Oxbridge degrees in our team, why is our rating so low?

The rating never depends only on the team. There are other parameters which are taken into account. The ICO profile rating depends on the team, the ICO information, the product presentation, and its social media and marketing activities. The experts are rating ICO based on the team, the vision, and the product. Therefore both ratings consider additional things which influence the final score.

When do you update the points for social media in the ICO Analyzer?

Each ICO profile is re-evaluated at least once per day.

Can I show rating on my website?

Of course, you can use free widget to show your rating on the forums, blogs or your website. Note that the image automatically changes the number in regard to your current rating.

How can I get a short legal review?

Free short legal reviews are provided voluntarily by our legal experts.


Who is an ICObench expert?

An ICObench expert is an active member of ICObench community that has the right to rate ICOs and conforms to the rules of the experts community. Although the contribution of every expert is valuable, they are not a part of ICObench team, so ICObench is not responsible for their ratings and cannot remove or change them if they comply with the rules of the community.

Any ICObench user with a fully updated profile (full name, photo, set profile URL, title, bio, location, and a LinkedIn link provided) can apply to become an expert. Depending on the presentation and the answers to the questions asked in the application we decide if a user can become an ICObench expert or not.

Being a part of an ICO isn't a limitation for an application. However, the experts are not allowed to rate the ICOs they participate in (it is technically disabled for them). They are also not allowed to badly rate the competitors or other ICOs with intentions to push their ICO forward on the competitors list.

To prevent any violations, each expert starts with a low influence/weight on the rating and can gradually improve it.

We suggest that the experts follow the rating methodology provided on our site, but they can also use their own methods for evaluating.

What are the requirements to become an expert?

An expert must be above the age of 18 and provide relevant and accurate information for their user profile.

Do experts get paid for rating?

No, the ratings are provided voluntarily.

What is the procedure to become an expert?

To become an expert at ICObench you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Register a new account with your full real name (applications with only first names or only last names will be declined)
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Set your URL
  4. Set your title
  5. Add your bio (applications with only one short line for bio will be declined)
  6. Add your location
  7. Add a link to your LinkedIn account (applications with links which aren't working or aren't public will be declined)
  8. Optionally add your Twitter and the list of services you can offer (divide services with a comma)
  9. Go to "Apply for Expert" section or follow this link
  10. Answer the questions asked in the application form
  11. Submit your application
  12. If you are accepted as an expert, we will notify you on your e-mail. It can take up to several weeks for the application to be reviewed.

What counts as a violation of the expert status?

It is strictly forbidden to use the expert status to:

  1. take or demand payment to provide a rating or review on ICObench;
  2. take or demand payment to change or update a rating or review on ICObench;
  3. rate or review the ICOs in which the expert has previously participated or currently participates;
  4. give a direct competitor a bad rating just because they are in competition with the expert’s ICO;
  5. give an ICO a bad rating out of revenge for a bad rating for the expert’s ICO provided by that ICO’s team member.

Depending on the violation, the expert can be warned or have their expert status revoked. When reporting such violations, don’t forget to provide the proof of the actions considered as the violation.

Being in direct competition means that both projects are working on a similar product or service. If both projects are listed on other platforms where they are in direct competition for funds or any other aspects it doesn’t mean they are in direct competition on ICObench.

Due to lack of credibility, an ICObench member would lose their expert status if they are/were advisors or team members of an ICO that turned out to be a scam.

Why does one expert have higher distribution weight than another?

The expert's weight depends on several factors, such as the number of reviews given by an expert or the quality of their communication with the ICObench team. Being an active part of ICObench and whole crypto community can increase the expert's weight.

How is the expert's weight calculated?

Each expert is assigned a number of points up to 100 which represents their expert’s weight. Please note that a user officially becomes an expert at the moment when their first rating have been published and not at the time they have registered an account on ICObench or when they have been accepted as an expert. There are several criteria which need to be taken into account to determine the expert’s weight:

  • Profile score: Having a decent user profile is a requirement to become an expert in the first place. However, since all data in the profile can be changed at any time, the experts’ profiles are being regularly monitored. An expert can earn up to 10 points for this criteria:
    • 1.25 points for information about the location;
    • 1.25 points for information about the title;
    • 1.25 points for a link to the expert’s LinkedIn profile;
    • 1.25 points for a link to the expert’s Twitter profile;
    • 5 points for a bio of more than 300 characters;
    • 1 point for a bio of less than 300 characters.
  • Rating score: The more the expert is contributing to the community by rating ICOs, the higher their expert’s weight would be. Not only the amount of ratings assigned is taken into account for this criteria, but also how these ratings are distributed over time. An expert that has just joined and rated 200 ICOs wouldn’t be given the same amount of points that was given to an expert that has given 200 ratings within the three-month period. Contributing to ICObench with ratings can bring an expert up to 30 points:
    • 0.3 points for each rating with a review assigned;
    • 0.15 points for each rating without a review assigned;
    • The maximum number of ratings taken into consideration equals (the number of days for which the member has been an expert × 3). All the ratings over the resulting number are not taken into account. This rule applies to prevent exaggerating the number of ratings in order to improve one’s expert’s weight.
    • For each ICO that turned out to be a scam, to which an expert gave an average score of 4.0 and more, 3 to 5 points are deducted from the overall rating score.
  • Time score: The longer time an expert is an active member of the community the greater trust they gain. An expert can earn up to 20 points for this criteria:
    • 1 point for each day between their first and their last review;
    • 0.25 points are deducted for each day that has passed since their last review.
  • ISS: This criteria applies to the experts which have already participated in some ICOs and have more experience. They know exactly how the whole process of an ICO looks like and what it needs to be properly conducted. For this section of expert’s weight we take into account only ISS points for past projects. The ISS can bring an expert up to 10 points:
    • 5 points for an ISS greater than 0 and smaller than 20;
    • 10 points for an ISS greater than or equal to 20.
  • Acceptance score: When the experts are rating the ICOs they can add a written review as well. Every registered user can show support by clicking the ‘Agree’ button and thus agree with the review. As the experts are gaining support from the community they can be rewarded with up to 15 points:
    • The Acceptance ratio is calculated as a ratio between the number of the reviews those have at least one agree and the total number of expert’s reviews;
    • The Acceptance score is determined as acceptance ratio × 3.
    • A score greater than 15 is set to 15.
    • If the number of written reviews is smaller than or equal to 15, the acceptance score is maximum 5 points.
    • If the number of written reviews is bigger than 15 and smaller than or equal to 30, the acceptance score is maximum 10 points.
    • If the number of written reviews is bigger than 30, the acceptance score is maximum 15 points.
  • KYC: Successfully passed KYC procedure can bring an expert up to 10 points.
  • Contribution score: It is a bonus score applied to the experts which help us with algorithm updates, provide feedback on the website and anything that could help us improve. If the improvements provided by the expert were implemented, they can be rewarded with 5 points manually by the ICObench staff.

I am an Ivy League / Oxbridge graduate, why is my rating weight not maximum?

Each expert starts with a low weight and can improve it with time - whether they are Harvard graduates or simple crypto enthusiasts. Contributing to the community and providing reviews along with ratings are the ways to increase your expert weight.

Why do some experts have such a low average rating and the others' average rating is so high?

Some experts have a low average rating because they are giving lower ratings to the ICOs most of times. Same logic applies to the experts with a high average rating. In the end a combination of low and high ratings together with their weights creates the natural balance in the ICObench rating system.

Someone is imposing me on your site. What can I do?

If someone is using your identity pretending to be you, it is important to stop this scam as soon as you are aware of it. Please use the contact form to provide us the details as soon as possible - we will take action.

The expert wasn’t fair in their rating and reviews. What can I do about it as an ICO team member?

For such cases we have introduced a feature that will allow ICO team members to reply to the experts' ratings and reviews.

  1. You need to have a registered user profile with your real name and using the email address on the same domain as the ICO website. You can register here.
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Open your ICO profile
  4. Check the bottom right corner that will show you an option to claim the ICO profile.
  5. When you have successfully claimed the ICO profile, you will be able to answer all reviews and ratings given to this ICO.

Please keep in mind that the expert will be notified about your comment and might change his rating or review.

I have applied for the expert status, but the application form is still available to fill and send. Why is that?

If you have applied for the expert status and you still see the application form, this means that your application was declined.

What can be the reasons for an expert application being declined?

Sometimes people are wondering how a community manager can become an expert while directors and heads of marketing and PR don’t. We believe that everyone has equal chances to become an expert. If we have declined your expert application, it might be for the following reasons:

  • Your member profile is not informative enough;
  • Your member profile doesn’t seem legit;
  • Your member profile is promoting something or someone other than you.
  • Your application and member profile show too little experience in business world.
  • You didn’t take into account all the questions we asked while filling the application and/or didn’t take them seriously.
  • You are working in an ICO agency.
  • Any other reasons.

Please note that being a part of specific ICO, agency, or any other popular structure won’t automatically give you the expert status. All of our experts went through the same procedure and so will your application.

Can I re-apply and under which conditions?

Yes, anyone can re-apply. Please note that if we decline your application multiple times and you keep sending the same applications over and over again, this might lead to suspension of your account.
If your application got denied and you still want to become an expert at ICObench, we encourage you to reconsider your user profile and make it more descriptive. Answer all the questions in your application as they also tell us who you are and how dedicated you are as well as what you can bring to the ICObench community.

ICO Success Score

What is the ICO Success Score?

ICO Success Score (ISS) is a combined evaluation of all ICOs a person (or an agency) is taking a part in. The more successful the ICOs are and the more of them there is the higher the ISS would be.

Our team member has an Ivy League / Oxbridge degree and is very successful, why don't they have the ICO success score?

The ICO success score is applied automatically to the people those were and are participating in the ICOs. Any other types of expertise or projects in the field of blockchain are not taken into account yet.

Our team member has participated in 4 ICOs, why don't they have the ICO Success Score?

There are three options why this team member doesn't have an ICO Success Score:

  • You have just been listed - the ISS is determined only once per day, so you will have to wait until the next day to see if it has been applied to your team member.
  • The ICOs your team member participated in had poor rating so it isn't enough to reach an ICO Success Score taking them in account.
  • We haven't listed them as a team member of all related ICOs yet. In this case you can let us know so we can update the relevant data.

How is the ICO Success Score calculated?

A person (or an agency) can receive up to 15 points for each ICO they participated in.

  • For each ongoing or upcoming ICO a person (or an agency) receives a number of points that is equal to the ICO rating.
  • For each ended ICO a person (or an agency) receives up to 5 points:
    • One point is given to an ICO with a rating bigger than 3.0;
    • Additional point is given to an ICO with a rating bigger than 4.0;
    • One point is given to an ICO that is trading on at least one exchange;
    • One point is given to an ICO that has raised some funds;
    • Additional point is given to an ICO that has raised more than 10,000,000 USD.
  • For each ICO that is trading a person (or an agency) receives up to 10 points:
    • First, the returns on investments (ROI) for all ICOs trading are calculated and the median of this data set is saved.
    • For each ICO with a positive ROI above the median a person (or an agency) receives 10 points.
    • For each ICO with a positive ROI below the median a person (or an agency) receives an amount of points calculated as a proportion of the ICO ROI to the median multiplied by 10 to be set between 0 and 10.
    • For each ICO with a negative ROI one point is deducted from the total amount.

ICO Success Score is the sum of all points for all ICOs the person (or an agency) participated in.

Can ICO Success Score be improved?

ICO Success Score can be improved, but not manually. Participating in a bigger number of successful ICOs can bring a person (or agency) a higher ISS.


I cannot login because my password is incorrect. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password or password is incorrect, go through account recovery procedure available here.

What are the benefits for registered users?

Currently the registered users can:

  • apply for experts to rate the ICOs listed on ICObench;
  • bookmark their favorite ICOs;
  • add ICOs associated with them.

Why can’t I add bookmarks?

You need to confirm your e-mail address before you will be able to add bookmarks. Check your inbox for account confirmation e-mail or start the account recovery procedure here.

Where can I find my bookmarks?

You can reach your bookmarks in the tab "My ICOs", otherwise you can follow this link.

Why isn’t my name on ICO profile connected to my ICObench user profile?

To associate your ICObench user profile with your name listed on ICO profile you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Register new account with your full real name
  2. Edit your profile (add photo, title, and don’t forget about the custom URL)
  3. Go to "My ICOs" section or follow this link
  4. Confirm all ICOs that you are associated with

If you find your name among a team of an ICO and you don’t or didn’t participate in the ICO, send us message and we will remove you from the team. Please also state if the ICO has listed you against your will, without your knowledge, or if you aren’t cooperating with them anymore.

Where can I find associated ICOs?

You can find the ICOs associated with you in the tab "My ICOs", otherwise you can follow this link.

ICObench paid features

What does the Priority listing mean?

We will consider your ICO project for publication on our website before the pending ones.

Does the priority listing improve rating?

No, the process of evaluation is the same as for the other ICOs.

What does the Premium listing mean?

Premium listing is the paid option of our site. We will place your ICO in front of your targeted audience and it will be on the top of the browse list in the relevant categories. Moreover, it will be presented on your competitors' ICO profiles, yet there will be no competitors listed on your ICO profile.

Does the Premium listing improve rating?

No, the process of evaluation is the same as for the other ICOs.

Does the Premium listing include moderating conflicts with experts?

No, we can only take steps towards a conflict resolution if an expert has broken the expert community rules.

Where can I apply for Premium listing?

If you’re interested in getting better visibility and promoting your ICO with ICObench Premium Listing you have to follow this guideline:

  • Apply to publish your project and wait till it appears on the platform.
  • Update your profile with all required information about your ICO. You can refer to your ICO Analyzer report ICO Analyzer report to see what information might be missing.
  • In order to be able to update and edit your project yourself, you have to claim it. To do so, follow this instruction.
  • Pass the KYC procedure. You can request KYC invitations via our contact form.
  • Choose the package you would like to opt for and submit the form. You can read more about Premium features here.

For any custom offers and in case you have any difficulties contact our sales team at [email protected]

How do you rank Premium ICOs?

The order within the list of premium ICOs is the same as the order of regularly listed ICOs - either they are ranked by default or in accordance with user’s choice (by rating, by ICO name, by start date, or by end date).

What other services do you provide?

You can learn more about the services we provide at this page.


What is the KYC procedure for the ICO team and how is it conducted?

Sometimes we receive applications from teams that want to take advantage of our community. Therefore, we have decided to add a new feature that could help to identify dishonest teams and scam.

From now on ICO teams have to go through a short KYC procedure. This procedure is voluntary. However, it will be mandatory for ICOs which seem suspicious to us, for ICOs that have been reported to us as suspicious and for ICOs with a rating higher than 3.

The KYC procedure currently is the following:

  • You need to request KYC invitations for your team by sending an email to [email protected]. If your key team members have already passed KYC you need to inform us - if these team members are suitable for the ICO KYC we will connect the to the KYC report.
  • We will select and invite at least two members of the ICO management to pass a KYC procedure with us. If there are any reports regarding ICO or specific members, we will request additional members to pass KYC as well.
  • We will provide them with KYC forms that are valid for 72 hours.
  • The KYC procedure will be conducted with the help of our partners Sum & Substance.
  • Each of invited members will be requested to provide:
    • Proof of identity: Passport, ID card or driving licence that is not expired
    • Selfie with a Proof of Identity: Clear photo with clearly readable proof of identity shown on the photo. The proof should be the the one used during the first step
    • Proof of Address: Bank statements, Utility bills, Internet/Cable TV/Landline phone bills, Tax returns, Council tax bills, The Government issued Certifications of Residency, etc. Screenshots, mobile phone bills, medical bills, credit card statements, purchase invoices and insurance statements will not be accepted.
  • If the ICO refuses or fails to do the KYC procedure, they will lose all points for team
  • If the ICO agrees and passes the KYC procedure for selected team members, they will be rewarded with extra points in their Team section those will be displayed in the ICO Analyzer. After May 1, 2018, the ICO Analyzer algorithm will be updated and ICOs won’t be able to get more than 50% points for the team if the KYC procedure was not done.
  • All the data received during KYC procedures will be saved within a third party service.

The results of KYC procedure will be visible on the right side of ICO profile and in the team section in the ICO Analyzer report. After uploading the documents please wait until a message about a mistake or a message saying "KYC passed successfully. Your profile will be updated shortly." appears. In case the system tells the documents are insufficient you need to delete the previous document and upload a new one.

The status of the procedure that is shown on ICO profile page can be one of the following:

  • “N/A” if we haven’t got the KYC information yet.
  • “Invited” if we have invited ICO team members to do the KYC and we are still waiting for the results.
  • “Passed” if Sum & Substance confirmed that KYC is successfully passed.
  • “Failed” if the ICO team members refused to do the KYC or if Sum & Substance declined the documents. We will also mark KYC as “Failed” if the ICO team does not respond to our request for KYC for more than 72 hours.

Even though conducting a KYC procedure cannot guarantee that the team is real, that they aren’t running a scam, or that the ICO will be successful, we will still use it as a tool to detect fraudulent ICOs and to make the decision if the ICO should be accepted or not easier. We strongly suggest that you don’t follow the KYC results blindly but still do your own independent research and focus not only on the team members but other aspects of the project as well.

If you have any questions regarding KYC, please contact [email protected]

Who is ICObench provider for KYC?

Sum&Substance (our KYC provider) is the current market leader in the online verification and KYC/AML industry in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia, was founded in 2015 by an international group of specialists in machine learning, business process automation, and compliance. All applications are sent through encrypted channels to a Tier 3 data center, ensuring a very high level of protection. The company develops solutions for remote verification of documents and users, such as automatic recognition of the pictures those have been edited. Their technology helps online services (such as Group, Gett, The Token Fund, Cryptopay, Tokenbox, NPER) all over the world comply with legal and regulatory requirements, increase conversions, prevent fraud, and increase client trust.

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