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Who and what is Benchy?

Benchy is a resourceful little bot created by ICObench. She is currently in her baby phase but she is learning fast. You can talk to Benchy via different channels and learn more about ICOs which interest you. She can also find people behind the ICOs, show you legal reviews, and stats on your ROI (return of investment).

1. Learn more about ICOs

Use /about EOS to learn more about specific ICO. Benchy will tell you the ICO rating, start and end date, token name and type, accepted currencies, team, whitepaper, where the token is trading, and how active the ICO is on the social media.

2. Find people

Use /find Eric to find people with that name who were participating in ICOs or are volunteering as the experts on ICObench. Benchy will tell you more about their position and in which ICOs they were participating. If there is more than three people with that name, you can use /findall Eric and Benchy will find all of them.

3. Find ICO ROI

Use/roi EOS to find overall, daily, weekly, and monthly ROI on a certain ended ICO.

4. Find on which exchanges the ICO is trading

Use /exchanges 0x to find where the ICO is trading.

5. Find which ICOs are trading on exchange

Use /tradingon Kraken to find all ICOs which are trading on the exchange.