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Our mission
We believe blockchain is a profound invention that is already revolutionizing the world. That is why we support genuinely innovative companies, which build the future. With our tailored approach, technical expertise, financial literacy and marketing skills we can help an effective project and make it the new black.

Our services

  • Technical paper Development
    We transform your idea into a well-developed crypto product by working out the decentralised architecture, creating a token circulation model, mapping out the token sale strategy and meticulously going over every issue needed for the successful token sale launch. As a result, in ten working days you get a comprehensive Technical paper of 10–15 pages in English. Usually it also includes a market overview of similar projects, suggestions for blockchain integration and the overall viability analysis of the project.
  • Compelling Whitepaper Creation
    White paper is a supreme soft sell that can position your brand as industry leader and generate quality leads. This document is a must for launching token sale, and it’s structure is determined by the industry standard. Your Whitepaper must convince that there is market potential to your offer, describe market problems and how the product solves them, actually describe the product and explain why blockchain is crucial for it. The document also encompasses description of the technology behind the project. It presents your team and its background, and provides all the terms and conditions of the token sale. We create a relevant and high quality Whitepaper for your project to fulfil the objects of your marketing strategy using unbiased analysis and thorough, informative content. We ensure our clients that a white paper delivers the expected results: attract the right audience, engage, inform and convince readers.
  • PR & Marketing
    We can help you ensure brand awareness, leading to market share gain and customer acquisition. We provide a wide range of marketing and PR services to promote international projects to crypto-investors, primarily focusing on the online-marketing and working with the community. We will also assist you with deliverables development: one-pager, landing page, banners, video, etc.
    We combine tested traditional approaches with cutting-edge SMM and digital technology to provide our clients with impressive integrated communications and marketing campaigns.
  • Token Sale Launch
    In a turn-key package we launch your ICO, promote it, write smart contracts and organize token listing on the cryptocurrency exchanges as well as provide full technical support during the ICO campaign. Along with full Marketing&PR package this option includes ICO-strategy tuning and its technical implementation. We also communicate with early-bird investors willing to participate in your project at an early stage.

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ICO Raised Rating
Cappasity Logo

Decentralized Ecosystem to Create, Exchange and Embed AR/VR/3D Content Powered by CAPP.

Raised: $2,301,451
Humaniq Logo

Humaniq is a financial ecosystem built on blockchain, focused on simply and quickly connecting unbanked people to the global economy.

Raised: $5,163,000
mytime Logo

A blockchain platform to turn time into the cryptocurrency.

Raised: $3,500,000

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